Undercovers Vol.1

This is the definitive LORD covers collection, featuring rare bonus tracks or territory-specific songs that were extremely hard to find, as well as two brand new tracks recorded especially for this release. As a bonus, there is over two hours of chat from LT and Andy with trivia, and stories behind every song in this release, clocking in at over 3 hours and 40 minutes in total!

The Spotify and Limited CD had far less songs than the full Bandcamp version.

Complete Bandcamp track list:

  1. Introducing the Album (bonus)
  2. Introducing To the Moon and Back (bonus)
  3. To The Moon and Back (Savage Garden cover)
  4. Introducing Judas be my Guide (bonus)
  5. Judas Be my Guide (Iron Maiden cover)
  6. Introducing Send Me an Angel (bonus)
  7. Send Me an Angel (Real Life cover)
  8. Introducing Of Sins and Shadow (bonus)
  9. Of Sins and Shadow (Symphony X cover)
  10. Introducing Message in a Bottle (bonus)
  11. Message in a Bottle (The Police cover)
  12. Introducing Shattered (bonus)
  13. Shattered (Pantera cover)
  14. Introducing Playing to Win (bonus)
  15. Playing to Win (LRB / John Farnham cover)
  16. Introducing Someone’s Crying (bonus)
  17. Someone’s Crying (Helloween cover)
  18. Introducing Hard to Love (bonus)
  19. Hard to Love (Harem Scarem cover)
  20. Introducing Creeping Death (bonus)
  21. Creeping Death (live, Metallica cover, feat. Mark on lead vocals)
  22. Introducing (I Just) Died in your Arms (bonus)
  23. (I Just) Died in your Arms (Cutting Crew cover, feat. Andy on lead vocals)
  24. Introducing Reckless (bonus)
  25. Reckless (Judas Priest cover)
  26. Introducing Silent Jealousy (bonus
  27. Silent Jealousy (X Japan cover, feat. Hideaki Niwa on lead vocals)
  28. Introducing I Want Out (bonus)
  29. I Want Out (live, Helloween cover)
  30. Introducing The Sun Always Shines on TV (bonus)
  31. The Sun Always Shines on TV (A-ha cover)
  32. Introducing The Whisper (bonus)
  33. The Whisper (Queensryche cover)
  34. Introducing Touch the Fire (bonus)
  35. Touch the Fire (Icehouse cover)
  36. Introducing Wild Child (bonus)
  37. Wild Child (live, WASP cover, feat. Mav on lead vocals)
  38. Introducing Break the Ice (bonus)
  39. Break the Ice (John Farnham cover)
  40. Introducing Runaway (bonus)
  41. Runaway (studio test, Bon Jovi cover)
  42. Introducing On a Night like This (bonus)
  43. On a Night Like This (Kylie Minogue cover)
  44. Introducing Blackened Angel (bonus)
  45. Madhouse (Blackened Angel, Anthrax cover)
  46. Night People (Blackened Angel, Dio cover)
  47. Wrapping Up (bonus)

Released April 2, 2021

Produced by Lord Tim

Musicians that appeared on this album:

LT – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Andy – Bass, Vocals (Lead Vocals on Died in your Arms Tonight)
Mark – Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (Lead Vocals on Creeping Death)

Hideaki Niwa – Vocals on Silent Jealousy
Mav Stevens – Lead Vocals on Wild Child, Guitars on I Want Out, Shattered and Wild Child
… and drums by TY, Damo and Daz

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