LORD: Live at ProgPower USA XVII was recorded live in Atlanta, USA in 2016 in front of a packed house of loud and proud metal fans, featuring tracks from across the LORD and Dungeon Era back catalogue, and a blistering cover of a Metallica classic.

Released December 3, 2017

Produced by Lord Tim
Additional engineering by Tim Yatras
Live recording services by Lucid Lounge Studios, Atlanta

Musicians that appeared on this album:

LT – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Andy – Bass, Vocals
Mark – Guitars, Vocals
Daz – Drums


A Limited edition CD version of the album was released February 2018 that featured the new LORD songs, “Tin Foil Hat” and “Immortal,” as well as a cover of the Real Life hit, “Send Me an Angel.”

Videos from this release


The Dreaming


Liner Notes: Originally featured on A Personal Journey, and A Personal Journey: Revisited

Words: n/a Music: T. Grose


Betrayer, you’ve had your last chance
So enjoy your tainted prize
On a night such as this
When the moonlight’s kiss means goodbye
The tables have turned and the rules don’t apply
And you will know sacrifice
Now we’ve come to the time
When the lion becomes the lamb

No more control, no judgment toll
My life is my own
No more “can’t see”, no more “can’t be”
Now I’m free…

We know these are magical times
Creation that begs for release
Now I wander the world
And I walk through the fire alone

The choices are mine, my voice is my own
The secret revealed – mine to know:
Belief in yourself is the key
It keeps your heart strong

Call it ego, I call it self-respect
I believe I deserve much more than this
That place that we know deep inside our hearts
Follow your dreams and forever you’ll be free…


Liner Notes: Originally featured on A Personal Journey, and A Personal Journey: Revisited

Words / Music: T. Grose

Netherlife (Black Roses Die)


A shadow falls upon the night
A freezing cold and fear – my herald call

A noble man once long ago
Now evil burns within my soul
The power is mine, no one I fear
When life or death is my command
I’d trade it all to turn back time

I was once a mortal man
Saw jealousy arise – my pride and fall

I do not live, I cannot die
I’m cursed to walk these streets alone
Eternal life but not alive
The Banshees cry my tragic tale
Every morning with the dawn

Blackened heart, blackened soul, netherlife
All I am, all I feel, all I see
Black roses die

SOLO: LT / Mark

From the night I betrayed my world
And myself
I still feel the flames

Burned – scarred
What is left of me? What remains?
Cursed – scorned
My foolish pride!
Eternal life, eternal death – I paid the price…

SOLO: Mark / LT / LT

Liner Notes: Originally featured on A Rise to Power from The Dungeon Era

Words: T. Grose Music: T. Grose / S. Moore

Set in Stone

Staring out beyond the shadows
To see a world of faces all the same
And find the light behind those darkened eyes
And realise the skies are more than grey

Got the hunger but we’re wanting more
Forever reaching higher
Remember what we’re fighting for
The writing on the wall is

Set In Stone
Set In Stone

Ghosts of the past now far behind me
Follow the path towards a brighter day
Now a fire lights inside those darkened eyes
Crucify the lies of yesterday


Liner Notes: Originally featured on Set in Stone

Words: T. Grose Music: T. Grose / T. Yatras


Oh no, what have we done?
Where do we go from here?
Oh… we see only sorrow and pain

Where is the light to guide us?
To help the children find their way?
Lay defeated and drowned by the rain

Oh, keep searching for the reason
The only way out
Is to search for the answer within

Oh – return from the cold and open your eyes
Redemption, arise
Oh – a spirit of gold, remember your pride
The hero inside, within us all…

So now, where do we go?
Blinded we search for the sun
Oh… who will shelter us all from the rain?

To find the will inside us
Reach for the dawn of an unclouded day
Now free from the sorrow and pain

Oh, no more staring back in anger
Release your true self
And let the renaissance begin


Liner Notes: Originally featured on Set in Stone

Words: T. Grose Music: T. Grose / T. Yatras

Tarranno Del Mar

I, King of the sea
A galleon ship, the waves of torment and destiny
A thousand winds bear our gust, my eyes are blinded by hate
With the hammer of war and evil onboard
At the edge of hell we await

A pauper’s son, a god reborn
My name is death’s last kiss
The iron cross of Usthanates
From the secrets of the deep

There’s an evil force inside of me
Will it end, I do not know
Unholy force that lives inside my dreams
To the gates of hell we roar
Down below…

Blood and battle-scarred, the sea my domain
None shall pass the Maybelle alive
Victims forty score, my sails filled from hell
Victims of the seven seas…

SOLO: Both / LT / Both

Liner Notes: Originally featured on One Step Beyond from The Dungeon Era

Words: S. Marshall Music: S. Marshall / T. Grose


A memory of a time
When we were proud to live our dreams
There’ll be no compromise
Standing tall, we will be supreme

No-one could crush our will to be
This time we’re gonna make them see

The resurrection time is now
Forever we survive
Back from the grave to take control
The resurrection time is now
Returning from the fire
We have the strength, we have the power
Forever we survive

They tried to tear us down
Rape our hearts and steal our dreams
This time we won’t hold back
Glory bound, we claim our victory

Standing tall and standing proud
The beast inside is breaking out

SOLO: LT / Mark

Liner Notes: Originally featured on Resurrection from The Dungeon Era

Words: T. Grose Music: T. Grose / S. Moore

The Legend of Huma

Oh – the armies of darkness are coming to poison the lands
Takhisis, the queen of the night has risen again
Five-headed dragon returned from the land of the dead
To enslave us all

Oh – may Paladine smile upon us as we go to war
Like ancient Solamnic Knights have battled before
Defenders of light, sworn to fight for us all
To save the world

Silver and gold – the dragons of light
Pushing the darkness aside
The Measure and Code – the law of the knights
Echoing in my mind

My honour – is my life
My honour – will survive

Oh – as I look deep into the elf-maiden’s eyes
Gwyneth, my love, don’t you mourn for me if I die
Your memory will pass with me into the next life
You’ll always be part of me

Now – as I ride through the sky, a dragon of silver below
The dragon is one with Gwyneth, but how could I’ve known?
I focus my mind, remember the Solamnic Oath
As we reach the queen


Flames were all around, they heard the victory cry
Ansalon was spared, but they knew they’d reached their time
With their final breath, her secret was set free
“Huma, I’m one with you – you’re one with me”

Now as you look into the sky, there’s two new shining stars
The legend handed down from son to son, sung by bards
The dragon and the ancient knight did defeat the evil queen
They went to their deaths together with a love that could never be

Liner Notes: Originally featured on Resurrection from The Dungeon Era

Words/Music: T. Grose

Through the Fire

Watch another fortune fade away
Another dream cast to the wind
Chronos waits to seize the day
So play his game and play to win

Take hold of life – walk through the fire
Sometimes it seems like time is slipping away
Take hold of life – walk through the fire
Don’t waste your life when time is slipping away

Like the golden goose that never lays
Always waiting for the sign
Time to see it’s time to be
Release the hero, free to fly

SOLO: Mark / LT

Search inside to find the truth
Circumstance won’t come to you
Be the one you want to be
Live your life to live your dreams

Liner Notes: Originally featured on Ascendence

Words: T. Grose Music: T. Grose / T. Yatras

Footsteps in the Sand

Tonight my spirit dances like an angel in the flames
While my body lay alone
I can fly outside of time
Where we all exist, all free to roam

Seeing tomorrow today
Every step of the way
(Is this) just a role that we play?

Like footsteps in the sand
It sometimes seems we’re following
A destiny that’s planned
Predetermined lives
I see the choice is mine
A million ways, a million dreams
A twisted path through time
The story still untold, the future now unfolds

Like Deja Vu and future dreams we have in stranger days
Icy fingers rake down your spine
The answer lies beyond our reach
Lies within subconscious minds

Thousands of ways yet to go
So much more left to grow
Leave this path that we know


Liner Notes: Originally featured on A Personal Journey, and A Personal Journey: Revisited

Words / Music: T. Grose

Creeping Death

Originally performed by Metallica.

Check out the lyrics and information HERE.


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