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Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards


Stage name: L.T. / Lord Tim
Real Name: Tim Grose
Born: April 2, Broken Hill, Australia
Main Role: Vocals, Guitars
Other Instruments: Keyboards, Drums (badly)
Other Projects: Blackened Angel, Clarity, Serenity Defiled, FromBeyond (guest vocals), Ilium (guest vocals)
Other Interests: Audio production, Video production

Get to know L.T.

Favourite bands: Check out the Spotify playlist below. (Notable omissions include much of the Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath, Hellfire Club by Edguy, mid-2000’s Soilwork, some Kim Wilde, Koo De Tah, and a couple of others, but there’s, like, 200 songs in that playlist – that should give you a clue what I like 😉 )

Favourite Musicians: Gary Moore, 80s George Lynch, 80s Geoff Tate, John Farnham, Paul Gilbert, Tony Martin, Brian Canham, Scott Rockenfield, Mikkey Dee, Jeff Pilson.

Fun trivia: Is an unqualified recreational proctologist (no experience but I’ll have a look) with a keen eye for puckering. Has been known to lie on bio questions.

In his own words: “I’m that guy in that small windowless room who does that stuff with music and cameras mostly. I should get out more but, you know… people. Ehhh.”

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