L.T. – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Real name: Tim Grose AKA “Lord Tim”

Birthday & Birthplace: April 2nd in Broken Hill, Australia

Instrument: Lead Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards.

Other instruments played: Bass and pretty ordinary (read: BAD!) drums these days!

Influences (playing): George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, Tooth And Nail), Vito Bratta (White Lion), Tony Macalpine, Gary Moore, Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem).

Influences (singing): Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween), Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Don Dokken (Dokken), John Farnham.

Influences (song-writing): Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Helloween, (old) Metallica, Slayer, Duran Duran, Pseudo Echo, Koo De Tah, Blind Guardian, Kreator, Gamma Ray, Dokken, Queensryche, Leatherwolf, Kim Wilde, Pat Benatar.

What bands were you in prior to LORD? Dungeon, obviously, and few bedroom bands that never did anything at all.

What is the best thing about being in LORD? Being able to play and record music that I enjoy with world-class musicians, seeing parts of Australia and the world, and sharing the stage with bands I love – not just as a fan but as a peer. It’s a great feeling to tour and make albums with your heroes.

What is the worst thing? Lots. Putting everything else second to get the job done – money, relationships, family, etc. The amount of hours spent travelling from show to show. Having to second-guess and censor everything you say or else someone will either take offense or take it out of context and use it against you. Tall-poppy syndrome with some so-called “fans”. Irrelevant pissing contests with other bands. Dealing with morons, show-ponies and liars in the music industry. Lack of a real industry infrastructure to actually get paid for the amount of work you put in – even a minimum wage job pays more than a relatively successful “underground” musician; if you didn’t love it, there’s no way you’d want to do it.

Have you been involved in any other projects whilst in LORD? Many (and I’m including Dungeon in this): guitars and co-songwriting for a techno project called Edrenalin which was signed to a major label and had songs included on hit TV shows (thanks for the royalties over the years, guys!), a weird-ass project called The Skinners, guest guitars and bass for thrash band Fury, guest vocals for Ilium and Mark Furtner’s FROMBEYOND project, my own personal side project Clarity, various projects with LORD’s ex drummer TY doing everything from orchestration to keyboards to bass and guitar in project like Grey Waters, Austere, Germ, Woods Of Desolation, etc., many different instruments and vocals on the Arnie O Connections album, guest guitars for thrash/death band Serenity Defiled, co-writing many J-pop songs with TY for major Japanese artists, and a multitude of guest appearances for artists such as Dark Order, Chris Brooks, Tania Moran, Taberah, Empires Of Eden, Electrik Dynamite, Argument Soul (JP), and many more. Yep, I’ve been busy!

How long have you been playing? I’ve been singing (sort of) since about 1985 but didn’t seriously take it up until Dungeon started in late 1989, playing guitar since 1987.

What gear do you currently use? Main guitar: ESP Horizon 27. Backup: ESP M-II. Line6 POD X-3, Shure wireless system, Dean Markley Blue Steel strings (.009 – .046), DSL custom straps, Jim Dunlop picks (.88mm).

Is your current instrument the one you started on? Oddly enough, guitar and vocals were the last things I took up! I started off wanting to be a singer but was too shy to actually do it until I was forced into the situation years later, then I took up keyboards, then drums, then bass, then guitar. Somehow, guitar ended up as my main instrument and then vocals.

What prompted you to start playing? Vocals – watching Simon Le Bon in Duran Duran’s ‘The Reflex’ clip, believe it or not! I thought he looked so cool, I wanted to do that too! That got me into a lot of 80s pop bands and I just started singing along with them… then I discovered Queensryche! Wow! Guitar – interestingly enough, I just found out I could play one night when I borrowed a friend’s guitar (same thing happened with drums and keyboards too) and I sort of figured out a few songs from one of the bedroom bands I was trying to form in lieu of having a guitarist who could actually play (*grin*)… It was probably really Brian Canham from Pseudo Echo that made me really want to play when I first heard the solo in ‘Try’ from their ‘Love An Adventure’ album. Once again, then I discovered Queensryche and Dokken and everything changed forever! 🙂

What is your most memorable gig? There’s been a few… Dungeon’s first gig in early 1990 – partly ‘cos we were absolutely shitting ourselves (it was the first time I’d ever sung live!) and partly ‘cos of the amazing, unexpected reaction we got from the crowd, Dungeon’s first show in Japan in May 2003, the entire Megadeth tour throughout Europe in 2005 and especially the final Dungeon show – very emotional night. The entire Queensryche Australian tour support was something really special to me as well.

What is something about yourself that would surprise people who don’t really know you yet? Despite the fact that I can play a few different instruments and I’m a pretty damn good typist (I can type heaps faster than I can write, in fact!), I am a total, uncoordinated klutz! I can’t drive or swim so if you want to kill me, get me to drive a car along the side of a swimming pool! HAHA! I’m surprisingly a fairly competent cook, and contrary to what a lot of people believe, I’m not that guy you see on stage when I’m not performing – I like to keep to myself.

Do you have a personal website? Catch me on Facebook.

Have you got any hobbies outside of LORD? It’s odd calling the stuff I do outside of the band hobbies because everything I do has a link to work somehow, even if I do enjoy it. I do a lot of video production with with Dusk Music Video Production which includes a lot of photography too (although if I can call anything a hobby I do for myself, it would be that). I’m a big tech guy, so you’ll find me doing something with computers, Android devices, studio gear. I run a studio called SLS Studios that LORD has used to record our last few albums, so you’ll find me in there recording other bands or my own projects. I used to enjoy reading but I rarely have time for that these days. Is sleeping a hobby?


  • Foods: Mexican (proper Mexican – I’m very picky about this!), Indian (same as this!), lamb loin chops, Japanese and I’m a cheese freak – love me a good cheese platter!
  • Drinks: Alcoholic: Rekorderlig strawberry-lime cider, Gentleman Jack, Beam’s Rye (Yellow Label), and don’t get me started on cowboy shots – I can’t stop once I start. Non-alcoholic: diet Coke (I prefer the taste – go figure), and properly brewed well-made coffee. I’m as much as a coffee snob as I am cheese freak.
  • Movies / TV shows: Movies: All of the Star Wars movies (more or less – dumb parts notwithstanding in the prequels), the later Star Trek movies, Lord Of The Rings, Toxic Avenger, Return Of The Killer Tomatoes, Back To The Future trilogy, Superman Returns, Spaceballs & any silly ‘spoof’ movie, X-men series, The Naked Gun series, any good scary movie (The Exorcist, Poltergeist, etc.). TV: Doctor Who (new series especially, and spin-offs), Southpark, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Drawn Together, Scrubs, House, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Life On Mars (UK), Ashes To Ashes and cooking shows.
  • Books: Anything from the Dragonlance series (especially the first 6 books, and The Legend Of Huma), The Death Gate Cycle (by Weis & Hickman) and all of Matthew Riley’s books – that guy is amazing and an Aussie too!
  • Bands: Everything I listed so far as influences, plus Kreator, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Murray Gold, Dio, WASP, Megadeth, King Diamond, Alice Cooper, Vixen, Soilwork, Tania Moran, X Japan, Icehouse, Kids In The Kitchen, Go West… lots more.
  • Sports: Haven’t followed any sports for ages. I have a soft-spot for underground Aussie pro-wrestling and V8 Supercars.
  • Websites: Mostly forums discussing software I use (Cakewalk SONAR, Sony Vegas, XDA Developers) and fan sites for things like Doctor Who, etc. Of course, you’ll also find me on our own Ultimate Metal forum, Facebook and various metal forums around the web.

Any other information you wish to divulge? It frustrates me that being in a moderately well-known band that you need to think of the political ramifications of everything you say, so when you have a very politically incorrect sense of humour it sucks having to remember that your joke could close some doors to some big opportunities. Related to that, I may joke about it a lot but I do have a big problem with racists, bigots, homophobes, people who hurt kids, animals or the elderly and stupid people in general. I’m a proud geek. Very quiet and introverted when I’m not being “that guy from LORD” and really don’t enjoy being in front of a camera or the centre of attention when I’m not on stage. If you haven’t worked it out yet, the “Lord Tim” thing is most definitely self-deprecating humour. 😉

Final comments: You made it to the end, well done! TL;DR version: I enjoy a lot of stuff, always busy and I’m not that guy on stage when I’m not on stage. I also very much appreciate the support that everyone has shown me over my career. If there’s one thing that keeps me going back out there, it’s you guys. So thank you! 🙂