ANDY – Bass, Backing Vocals

Real name: Andrew Dowling

Birthday & Birthplace: June 8th in Redcliffe, Australia.

Instrument: Bass, Backing Vocals.

Other instruments played: Played guitar for a few years prior, and also played the Trumpet!

Influences (playing): Jeff Pilson, Rudy Sarzo, Kip Winger, Frank Bello, Geezer Butler, Schmier, Rick Savage.

Influences (song-writing): David Paich, Danny Cavanagh, Mike Mills, Esa Holopainen, John Haughm, and many more.

What bands were you in prior to LORD? Was briefly in Brisbane band Sedition, but that’s been about it.

What is the best thing about being in LORD? Being apart of a creative group of great people who can release music that not only we enjoy, but many others do as well. Oh, and prancing around on stage.

What is the worst thing? Being careful with the image you portray to others through your words and actions. Sometimes it’s just more fun to be unprofessional!

Have you been involved in any other projects whilst in LORD? Nothing currently.

How long have you been playing? Have only been playing bass for the last 8 years or so. Prior to that I played guitar and in my younger years played trumpet.

What gear do you currently use? Line 6, Dean Markley, and ESP basses.

Is your current instrument the one you started on? I’ve had quite a few guitars and basses over the years. I’ve now lost count.

What prompted you to start playing? Metallica and a lot of adolescent anger.

What is your most memorable gig? There’s quite a few. Our first shows in Japan were a great milestone personally, our first headline tour with Queensryche and our first ever Darwin show was quite memorable as well. I’ve got a feeling the most memorable ones are yet to come though.

Have you got any hobbies outside of LORD? I like a spot of drinking, collecting music (CDs/records/cassettes) and hording all sorts of unique things in my travels.

Do you have a personal website? There’s a Myspace page floating around in the internet wasteland, otherwise I have a Facebook page like most people these days.

What is something about yourself that would surprise people who don’t really know you yet? I think I’m a little too open with everything I do (especially with social media these days), so I don’t think there would be anything terribly surprising that isn’t personal.


  • Foods: Spag Bol, Steak, Churrasco, Sushi train, lasange, etc.
  • Drinks: James Squire’s Golden Ale. Water comes into play every once in a while.
  • Movies / TV shows: The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, This Is Spinal Tap, The Green Mile, Schindler’s List, American History X, Joyeux Noël, Breaking Bad, An Idiot Abroad, Louis Theroux etc.
  • Books: Marching Powder, Let The Good Times Roll, Wild Swans, Tokyo Vice, Down to This, My Story, First they Killed my Father, Look me in the Eye, The Mascot, Searching for Schindler, National Geographics, etc.
  • Bands: Megadeth, Harem Scarem, Agalloch, Dio, Work of Art, Harem Scarem, Toto, Icehouse, 1927, Whitesnake, Foreigner etc., etc.
  • Sports: Basketball, NBA/NBL.
  • Websites: Blabbermouth (love/hate),, YouTube,, Twitter, Facebook,

Any other information you wish to divulge? Currently endorsed with Dean Markley strings, DSL Straps and ESP Guitars. I’m very proud to be representing all three world class companies. Be sure to check them all out.

Final comments: It’s obvious that we can’t exist as a functioning band with everyone’s ongoing support, so thank you very much! It means a hell of a lot!