Hear No Evil

This EP contains a previously unreleased track “Hear No Evil”, the song “Set In Stone” from the 2009 album of the same name, two songs recorded live on tour in 2008 and yes, song 3 is a bizarre cover of the Kylie Minogue song “On A Night Like This” that eventually became a bonus track on the “Set In Stone” album … And yes, the band is still laughing at that cover now.

Released November 2008

Produced by Lord Tim

Musicians that appeared on this album:

LT – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Andy Dowling – Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark Furtner – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tim Yatras – Drums, Backing Vocals

Special Guests:

Tania Moran – Backing Vocals

Videos from this release


Hear No Evil

Watched the news today
Another preacher sinned
Yet all the while he’s praying for our souls
He’ll save us from the fire

Do as they say
“Protecting us”, betraying trust
All lies
To help us sleep at night

If we hear no evil, we will fear no evil
Close our eyes and turn away
If we speak no evil, we will seek no evil
Banish what we say
If we hear no evil, we will fear no evil
Close your mind – it goes away
If we see no evil, there can be no evil
No evil here

Soliders killed today
A holy war or something more?
Agendas unknown – truth or lie?

A world away
Neglected cries, a child dies unseen
Never reach our TV screens


We look the other way
Oblivious in shrouded bliss
All doing what we’re told
Believing all we see

Behind the smiles
Pretty lies that open eyes can see
Wake up
It’s down to you and me

Liner Notes:  LT: “The world can be a pretty horrible place. In the Western world. we’re generally very removed from the hardships that a lot of people have to endure. And even in this very sanitised environment, even from class to class, life can be an incredibly different experience. I’m sure we all have a vague sense that there’s something unpleasant going on past our peripheral vision, but if we don’t see it, and don’t hear it, we can pretend everything is fine. Sometimes  a bit of research and awareness is a very good thing.”

Words: T. Grose Music: T. Grose / T. Yatras

Set in Stone

Staring out beyond the shadows
To see a world of faces all the same
And find the light behind those darkened eyes
And realise the skies are more than grey

Got the hunger but we’re wanting more
Forever reaching higher
Remember what we’re fighting for
The writing on the wall is

Set In Stone
Set In Stone

Ghosts of the past now far behind me
Follow the path towards a brighter day
Now a fire lights inside those darkened eyes
Crucify the lies of yesterday


Liner Notes: This was an advance mix of the title track from the forthcoming album ‘Set in Stone.’

Words: T. Grose Music: T. Grose / T. Yatras

On a Night Like This

Originally performed by Kylie Minogue.

Check out information about this song HERE.

Through the Fire (live)

Watch another fortune fade away
Another dream cast to the wind
Chronos waits to seize the day
So play his game and play to win

Take hold of life – walk through the fire
Sometimes it seems like time is slipping away
Take hold of life – walk through the fire
Don’t waste your life when time is slipping away

Like the golden goose that never lays
Always waiting for the sign
Time to see it’s time to be
Release the hero, free to fly


Search inside to find the truth
Circumstance won’t come to you
Be the one you want to be
Live your life to live your dreams

Liner Notes: Originally featured on ‘Ascendence.’

Words: T. Grose  Music: T. Grose / T. Yatras

Going Down (live)

“Judge me for who I am
Don’t like me for what I’m not”

In every aspect of my life
Talk the talk and take the blame
Stand up for what I feel is right
And feel no shame

I’m a sinner, but I’m a winner
Take no shit from anyone
Speak my mind and do the time
For my views

Going down – I stand behind the choices I make
Going down – Be they wrong or right
Going down – I see fires of hell below me
Live and die an honest man
So take me away

Every day another test
Run the gauntlet, walk the line
So live your life to be the best
Every time

Not a rebel or the devil
No false facade, I’m true to me
Stand up to the bastards
And know I’m free


Liner Notes: Originally featured on ‘Ascendence.’

Words: T. Grose  Music: T. Grose / T. Yatras


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