Hey everyone, I thought I’d take a moment to give you a quick run through on the solo demonstration videos recently posted online.

A technique I really enjoy using in my leads is the use of wide intervals, I think they give solos a very intelligent aspect as well as being very musical in the sense that it can span a number of octaves very quickly and at any time – This is when tapping comes in handy – When combined, the use of hammering, pulling off and tapping over large intervals create a very smooth flowing, airy lead break which I think really helps to lift the lead above the music.

My solo in Same Old Lines has absolutely no picked notes at all and Beyond The Light has only a few at the very start. SOL is based around natural minor and diminished while BTL is based around a minor/major combination. When I use these techniques I try to keep the attack fairly consistent to maintain that ‘flowing effect’, except when highlighting the end of a phrase or bending in which case I’ll add some intensity or attack in such a way as to clearly define a climax or point of interest.

Enjoy the demos!