Get in touch with the band and labels here. BUT FIRST!! Please check out the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and the NEWS page first – your question may have already been answered.

Please read the description next to each e-mail address to see the best place to send your mail. If you mail the wrong address you may get a very delayed response or none at all!

Direct LORD e-mails:

  • LORD STORE – use this address for questions regarding sales and issues with our Online Store.
  • BOOKINGS – information for bands wanting to tour with or venues wanting to book LORD.
  • TOURS – info about current tour dates. Please check the TOUR PAGE first.
  • DOMINUS RECORDS – use this address for information about releases on LORD’s label Dominus (Digital Lies, Hear No Evil, Set In Stone, Return Of The Tyrant, Live At The Metro, The Dungeon Era)
  • MANAGEMENT – LORD Management
  • WEBMASTER – use this for reporting issues with the site only. This has no connection with the band otherwise.
  • GENERAL MAIL – for general correspondence, fan mail, etc.

External company contacts:

  • MODERN INVASION – for Australia distribution information for Ascendence and A Personal Journey
  • RUBICON MUSIC – for Japanese licensing information for Digital Lies and Set In Stone

LORD Postal Address:

Dominus Entertainment
PO Box 3019
Wollongong NSW 2520