When we were writing LORD’s Set In Stone album, we really wanted to put a melodic rock song on the album, and one idea I’d been kicking around for a while was this song, Falling. Pure 80s cheese (not that there’s anything wrong with that) with an infectious chorus that you’ll never get out of your head.

Well, I submitted it to the band to see what they thought and they loved in – everyone is a huge melodic rock fan, so it made sense… but almost immediately I regretted the decision. To me, this didn’t feel like a LORD song. It was a little too happy, a little too cheesy and the vocal I put down on it wasn’t particularly good either, I thought. I ended up pulling the song, against the wishes of the rest of the band but I promised to write another melodic rocker to fill the gap. I did, and that night I quickly smashed out 100 Reasons, and we went on to do a video clip for it and it’s become a fan favourite.

At every opportunity, even after he’d left LORD, TY would remind me that we needed to record “that melodic rock song thing” one day, so here it is. And since my vocal sucked on the demo, I decided to call in the professionals and got my good friend Gareth Michael back on vocals.


(Lyrics/Music: T. Grose)

A summer breeze, I sigh, you walk on by
Spellbound, I’m lost within your eyes
You can warm the coldest heart with a single smile
Like sunshine through a cloudy sky

Now more than ever
I know these words are true

I’m falling, falling for you
Falling, falling for you
I’m calling, calling to you
Falling for you

“Hide your heart” some people say, their lives so small
Some people never see at all
I’m wide awake but dreaming, it all just seems unreal
Since you came and showed me how to feel

Now and forever
I know our love is true

Those days of pain and heartache
Are gone and left behind
I know it’s right this time

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