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One of the biggest surprises from our last album, Fallen Idols, was the fan reaction to the song ‘Chaos Raining.’ This definitely set the wheels turning on how we could offer a cool package to the people who enjoy it, which was a bit of a challenge in these current COVID-19 locked down times.

What we decided to do was release this as a limited edition 100 copy EP, hand numbered, with fantastic artwork by TRISTAN TAIT, which also includes a 9+ minute long 80s style Extended Mix of the title track, and a newly written and recorded song called ‘A World Insane’ which is a real prog/power banger! We’ve all been long fans of WAYNE JOYNER’s motion graphics work with clips he’s done for METAL CHURCH, DREAM THEATER and AYREON, amongst many others. As most people who follow LORD know, LT is usually our video guy but between the lockdown and the amount of work on his plate stopping him from getting into the edit suite, this became the perfect opportunity to work with Wayne, who created an incredible lyric clip for the song.

The Limited Edition CD sold out in under 16 hours, but the digital release is still available from the links above, and all streaming platforms.

Released June 12, 2020

Produced by Lord Tim

Musicians that appeared on this EP:

LT – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Andy – Bass, Vocals
Mark – Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Tim Yatras – Session Drums

Videos from this release


Chaos Raining

You cast your gaze upon my form
Into cold eyes that once were warm
Hardened by sorrow, I still bleed
I will arise from bended knee

The days loom grey, forever seem
My mind engaged in pain unseen
Suffer the past, onward I roam
Through severed ties I walk alone

Say goodbye I’m lost forever
The storm it rages on and on,
I’m stronger
For every day that dies I’ll wonder
The chaos raining down, I’m drowning under

The years estranged, like endless waves
Our time is gone, now swept away
Torn down, rebuilt, in iron gleam
This broken man becomes machine

SOLO: Mark

Liner Notes: Trauma changes a person, especially when it’s a trauma inflicted by other people. This kind of pain can bring a person to their knees until they’re forced to rebuild themselves, saying goodbye to the parts of their old self that died, and now standing as a much stronger and wiser person at the end, unrecognisable to the one who wronged them. This song of Mark’s features a tough, almost industrial groove to underpin the steely message of resolve in the lyrics. Vocally there’s a big contrast between the low and gruff vocals and the uplifting, harmonised chorus, drawing parallels with the theme of the trauma and the new strength.

Words: M. Furtner / Music: M.. Furtner/T. Grose

A World Insane

This dusty trail seeks out the truth from long ago
Lost secrets whispered on the wind
Unveiled, the pages turn, the chapters once unknown
Revealed like long-forgotten sins

Pulling the curtain back, the sleight of hand resigned
The spell is broken, from the past
First breath of wisdom, gold, sweet nectar of the mind
The shackles fallen, free at last

We look around
Below, unstable ground
We’re on the edge
And there’s nowhere to turn

This precipice
Of fear and ignorance
One step away
The real disease, the cruel will of man

A world gone insane
Like tears on the firegrounds, we pray for rain
We cry out in vain
And now with open eyes
We carry on and try to find our way

SOLO: LT / Mark

Liner Notes: The world in 2020 is a pretty crazy place, no doubt. Pandemics, riots, unfounded conspiracy theories pedalled by those in power as legitimate information while denouncing science as “fake news.” The only real light out of these dark times, away from the fear of uncertainty and ignorance is wisdom. When we decided to release the “Chaos Raining” EP, we felt that it needed more than just the title track and its extended mix, so this was basically written and recorded over the course of a couple of days. Sometimes these spontaneous songs can really nail the vibe without needing extensive demos or re-writes.

Words/Music: T. Grose


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