Rehearsals begin this Thursday…

January 9, 2012 by  

The last time we got together and played was December 10th 2010. We haven’t been in the same room with our instruments since.

Should i be scared? Maybe!

The last 12 months or so off have been great. We were pretty burnt out by the end of the Tyrant tour. Not so much that the schedule was over-the-top, but when you’re out there co-ordinating shows, selling your merch, borrowing money, dicking around with planes/trains/hire cars, promoting your album/tours without any label support… it burns you out. It burnt us all out.

So after a year of no shows or (immediate) financial burdens weighing over our head, I’m certainly feeling charged and ready to get back into it. As with anything in life, it’s trial and error. LORD certainly is no exception. We’ve spent the last few months nutting out what has worked in the past, what hasn’t, and what we need to bring to the table to really fine tune and succeed in what we do.

Now it starts with rehearsals…

I expect some pretty pretty pretty (Sorry. Larry David got the better of me!) sloppy playing on my behalf. I can’t speak for the others, but i’m fairly certain we’re all going to be somewhat rusty for the first few rehearsals.

It’s been so long that even our good friend Arnie at Kickstart Studios thought we had actually thrown in the towel with the band, “WOOOAAHH I THOUGHT YOU BOYS PULLED THE PLUG. BLOODY HELL ANDY! GOOD STUFF! SEE YOU BOYS NEXT THURSDEE”. If anyone knows or has met Arnie, I’m sure you can picture him saying that!

There will be some gear upgrades, set list tweeks (oooeerr) and general conditioning to get us playing as good, if not better than what we have played in the past.

Anyone got song requests for the tour? We have a few surprises already, but always open to suggestions. Hit me.

So before Thursday rolls around, here I sit with my bass in my lap, a couple of Golden Ale’s, a list of songs we haven’t played live before/in a long time, and some old favourites to start toughing up these smooth girly fingers of mine.


….. am i doing it right?