Recording Update 4

June 13, 2012 by  

Hey guys,

Just another quick update to let you know where we’re at.

So, all of the rhythm guitars are finally done! Hooray! Man, that sucked. Sounding great but wow, what an ordeal! I’d like to think Mark had a better time doing his tracks than I did. Speaking of Mark’s guitars, he gave me a disk the other night with his rhythm tracks to drop into my master sessions here and this was the result:

That was Battle Of Venarium – quite the epic! It’s actually the only song on the album that’s so orchestrated but it suits the theme and the guitars sound great. I also dropped Mark’s guitars into Betrayal Blind too and that also sounds really good.

Aside from the rhythms, I’ve begun work on all of the melody lines and harmony guitar parts. In a lot of our songs we have guitars reinforcing vocals or fattening out chords, as well as traditional harmony and melody lines being played over the top of the arrangement.  Thankfully this has been a far less painful process than the rhythms, but it’s quite time consuming since there’s just so many layers. Check out this video of the start of Point Of View to see what I mean:

And that’s far from the worst of it. I have a couple of songs left to do, including The Chalkboard Prophet which is loaded with harmony and melody lines. Argh. But we’re getting there. I’m hoping to have all of the layers done by tonight and then the fun/scary bit: guitar solos!

More updates soon! 🙂