Postcard from the air

July 26, 2012 by  

Well, here I am flying high above Europe watching the sun just start to break over the horizon. We just had a verrrry long flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi (which, even from just the airport, looked really cool!). Current time is about 5am and we’re about 2 hours out of Prague.


I’m watching the monitor in front of me and seeing Romania, Serbia and Greece pass below me and I couldn’t help remembering the amazing gigs we did with Megadeth in 2005 before the difficult but necessary transition from Dungeon to LORD kept us away from Europe while we got properly back on our feet.

Now with a new album coming out, a bunch of other well-received releases, clips, and lots of touring miles behind us we’re back. Short trip, but an important one in regards to what it represents and the people we’ll be networking with. And most of all, we get to see a lot of people who have wanted us back in Europe since 2005.

It’s a great feeling. đŸ™‚

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