Planes, trains and automobiles. Time to book some shows.

February 7, 2012 by  

It looks to be that time where we start thinking and planning about getting back on the road again.

It’s a love/hate thing for me. I love putting together a tour and organising a series of great looking shows in a tidy package that looks professional, sensible and exciting. At the same time though, I hate the decisions, the confrontations (external, not internal), financial worries and other negative aspects that give me a headache.

So what are we trying to do this year?

Without going into the nitty-gritty, we want to get out and do a full scale tour once the album is done. When is that? Can’t tell you at this stage, but it will more than likely fall later in the year. To go out on the road and do a large number of shows without a new product would be financial suicide for us, so we’re taking it easy to begin with.

However, we are throwing a few sporadic dates into the mix for the first half of the year leading up to Europe. These will be more ‘event’ shows, and not the normal headline shows. It won’t be a brand new LORD tour, but we will make sure there are surprises and some cool things on offer for you all. We are also looking at a few other international tours, but the big factor will be the almighty, controlling dollar.

Now, getting back to the projected tour later in the year. We want to play everywhere, EVERYWHERE. There’s no question about it. The problem with that is, 90% of the places we want to play or where people WANT us to play have no financial benefit whatsoever. We’re not talking about profit here, we’re talking about losses and not being able to come close to breaking even. This is not a high and mighty statement, we simply want to come out of 2012 alive and be able to continue as a functioning band (ie: touring, releasing music). With Europe being thrown into the 2012 mix, this is even more imperative.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. We have a pretty good idea of where we will play and as always there will be a few new places, and some other areas that involve a little risk (‘little’). We’re just becoming smarter with the shows we accept/book, or at least I am personally!

Not only am I starting to sketch together destinations for our 2012 shows, but the bands we are looking to play with. I can safely say that there is a small handful of great bands that are guaranteed to be playing with us, and a much larger list of bands who have made contact with us to show their interest. While it’s too early to start naming anyone, we will be playing with bands who are hard working, have a professional approach and are not ‘douches’. While we have a lot of great friends in bands, that will not be a big factor in our decisions. We’ve played with plenty of bands over the last few years who are either great guys/gals, musicians, etc but are the laziest SOB’s around. A lot of those bands we will not play with again. It’s unfortunate sometimes, but we want to progress, not be stagnant. Common sense!

People often wonder why we always play with particular bands in particular cities. Well, it’s because they work hard, have a great attitude, are ‘in it’ for the same reasons that we are, and… *gasp* actually pull a crowd themselves. Nobody wants to be associated with anyone in their professional lives that is unmotivated, lacks drive, and organise themselves. In a current age where people don’t go out of their way to see live bands anymore (unless they are major label/name artists), we need to work extra hard to get our names out there. Not just us, but the large number of great Australian bands that continuely go unnoticed.

To spin it back to a positive note, some of the places that are on our radar this year in Australia will be Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, and Darwin. Capital cities, really! Some shows have been confirmed already and announced, some are close to being locked in and others are still on the drawing board with no guarantees as of yet.

Of course, those won’t be the only places we will be looking to play. We also have had a lot of interest to play in Launceston, Geelong, Fremantle, Broken Hill, Ballarat, Bendigo, Albury, Wagga, Goulburn, Central Coast, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Rockhampton, Townsville, Cairns and a few other places which are not only new ground for LORD but new ground for 99% of the other metal bands in this country. Some of those places listed above, we’ve been to before. Some we will not go back to unless we have a real financial commitment/guarantee (due to losing money in the past/poor turn outs/shit promoters), but as always we will keep an open mind. As I said, we WANT to play everywhere, but what we want is not always realistic.

As we always say, if you’re dead keen on having us play in your town/area, you can either email me directly or and we can see whether it’s doable or not. You can also leave your thoughts by commenting on this blog below.

To wrap up this long-winded blabbering mess-of-a-blog, it will definitely be an exciting year not only for us, but for you guys as well. No matter where our tour takes us, we will ensure plenty of great new music, and surprises for all.

See you guys at the first show back in Melbourne, April 4th at ‘Billboard, The Venue’ with those cool dudes in Iced Earth. From there… we begin!

… and to keep things serious, here’s another dumb photo for the collection.

Just another distraction in my search for shows in 2012.