Journeys Old and New, and New Friends

February 19, 2016 by  

Hey guys – long time, no blog!

There’s a good reason for that, I’ve been in lockdown mode in the studio working on something really cool. I won’t say too much about that other than we’ll announce it very soon, and if you’re good at picking up on clues, there’s a few Easter eggs dotted around our various social media sites, and actually even in a lot of songs themselves. (Listen carefully to what we’ve done over the years, you’ll hear parts of other songs, hints at lyrics and that kind of thing either as a homage or a foreshadowing of something else. A great example is the fade out of New Horizons where we start going into the chorus melody of Reborn – that kind of thing).

Apart from that, we have a cool announcement to make and a big thank you to shout out.

As a lot of you guys know, we’ve been without a permanent drummer for the last few years. That hasn’t slowed us down at all since we either went out with some great friends (and extremely talented drummers) like Simon from Troldhaugen, or Tommy from Taberah, and even Damo came back for a few shows… and we teased him mercilessly until he left again! HAHA! (Sorry, Damo!)

Recording wise, TY really stepped up to the plate and knocked out all of the drums on The Dungeon Era, the What Tomorrow Brings EP (and actually co-wrote the title track), a HEAP of bonus tracks and covers, and this new recording we’ll be telling you about soon. It’s actually quite funny that he’s done more recording with us as a guest player than he did when he was a member nearly a decade ago!

Now we’ve tried out a lot of drummers over the last few years. Some have been… not so great, others have been fantastic players and really good people but we just didn’t click for one reason or another (playing style, or difficulties with schedules or distance or whatever).

We took out one of those guys, Adam Barck, on tour all of last year and we did the Helloween show together. This is the thank you part – BIG cheers to Adam for stepping up and doing the job! But we both realised it wasn’t the right fit for both of us and decided not to move forward after the tour finished in December. Adam is a drum teacher and a freelance session guy, so let me put it out there that if you’re after a great player for your project, go hit him up. You know what we do and how hard it is to play, so if he can do our stuff… well, you get the idea!

Get in touch with him here:

Sometimes in your travels, you come across a player that really makes you stop and go “wow.”  We had that same feeling when Stevo ripped into his aggressive thrashy style in front of us and we all stood there with our mouths hanging open, watching Grahame Goode play our set for the first time with his unbelievably tight kick drums, having TY come in and knowing how to play our entire back catalogue and having an almost psychic link into how we were thinking a part should go and just doing it, and seeing some young kid called Damian play with his bands supporting us and thinking “he’s gonna be amazing one day” and then watching him do just that when he joined LORD.

That’s not to take anything away from any of the other drummers who have come through our ranks over the years – everyone has had their share of amazing moments and their share of quirks, as we all do as musicians. But those guys I mentioned really left us going “we are some seriously lucky people, being able to work with musicians of that calibre.”

It would seem lightning has struck for us yet again, and we’d like to introduce you to Darryl Murphy. Check this out:

Just to put this into perspective, we had one quick rehearsal with the guy a few weeks back to see if we’d all get on, where he learned a couple of songs. He blew us away. But we weren’t convinced. We sent him home to learn some crazy hard songs to see if we could break him. What you’re seeing is his second rehearsal, and the first time we’re playing some of those songs together. It was good enough to take out live on any stage in the world.


So we’d like you all to welcome Darryl to the band. He’ll be the man behind the drums when we hit the USA later this year, and I expect we’ll knock out some recordings soon so you can really hear what this guy is capable of.

The only thing left to do is give this guy a stupid stage name! Mark is already calling him Hemmy (short for Haemorrhoids… we don’t understand how he got to that name either, but we were calling Mark Sargeant Squidlips for a couple of years, and we just made that up on the spot, so it figures! HAHA!) Do yer worst!

But seriously, it’s all good news. Look out for an announcement soon regarding our new recording and we’ll no doubt chat to you online somewhere, like the social media whores we are! 🙂