August 28, 2015 by  

I thought I’d chuck a quick post here to test out the old WordPress app from my iPhone. Why am I making this public? Well I thought I’d plant some seeds regarding some traveling I’ll be doing very shortly.  
This time next week I’ll be getting ready to jet off to the U.S. for what will no doubt be a great week of alcohol, music and more than likely fatty food. While that’s all great, there are some other more important reasons for this adventure. We’ve always struggled with getting noticed in the United States. Sure, we have a great fan base and we’re constantly begged over and over again to get over and play some shows, however the opportunities have been few and many just completely unrealistic. 

Now don’t get me wrong, we have had a lot of success up until this pint but you tend to sometimes hit a plateau and it’s very difficult to get the right people’s attention when you are more or less competing with 50 million other bands for that same attention. 

So here we are. Instead of a million emails consisting of me sweet talking everyone under the sun (I reckon I’m not too bad at it!), we’ve made a decision to place me into a metal rocket with wings on a quest to build stronger alliances with not only metal fans but others within the music industry that may lead us to some cool opportunities in the future. 

So what’s the plan? Well, I have a couple of days Los Angeles meeting with some cool people that I’ve either met previously in other countries or others that I’ve convinced (working that charm) for the first time. I’ll do my best to hit some of those famous Hollywood landmarks as I’ll be staying nearby but I’m hoping to pack in my time with us much chitchat and constructive socialising as possible! 

Onwards from L.A., I hit New York City for approx 36 hours of madness. Somehow I’ve managed to lock in some meet ups as well as hopefully some cheesy tourist photo time (first time to NYC so it has to be done). It will be fast, I’ll be overwhelmed, but it will no doubt be amazing. 

Lastly I’ll be touching down in Atlanta for ProgPower USA which is the ultimate hub for melodic metal in the country. While we would clearly LOVE to play the festival, the few days that I’m there will be perfect opportunity for extreme hustling and socialising with melodic metal fans and industry figures alike. Lots of catch ups, lots of beers (you know me) and hopefully a lot of information exchanged. 

So there we have it! If this post works out well then I’ll use it for updates over the days that I’m there and hopefully provide plenty of silly photos in my travels. 

To wrap it up. The aim of the game is to meet people. Say hi, share a drink and have a good time. This is not an exercise in harassing or working people for a specific agenda. We are very committed to making the USA an important market for us and want to fulfil the wishes of our fans to get over there as soon as possible (and as much as possible!). The more people that we can connect with, build friendships and strong alliances, the quicker we can make this all a reality. 

1 week to go!