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Hey all,

Just a quick one this time to say hi (it’s been a while – hi!) and to show off a couple of great reviews we’ve been collecting lately. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve been doing this a long time now, and over the years we’ve had some absolutely killer reviews for some albums. I still remember the feeling of getting top marks for “A Rise To Power” back in the day and thinking “yep, we were right – we DID do a good job on this” and feeling really proud that we made something that (at least at the time) was everything we’d hoped it would be.

With “Digital Lies” I walked away from it really not knowing if we’d made a good album or not. Even now, I’m not particularly sure I understand the album enough yet to fully appreciate it. You become too close to it, too wrapped up in the minutia of it all – every last harmony, every accented echo on a vocal phrase, getting the bass to both glue the album together and yet stand out so you can hear the runs, all of that times a thousand – and you lose sight of the bigger picture.

Digital Lies

This album was really something different for us. We love recording covers, and we love inviting guests to play on our albums, but this time it just felt right to keep it all-inclusive. We had an hour of original music, written and performed only by the four of us. Even our bonus tracks (which took the album right to the limit of what a standard CD format can hold in some territories) were our own – reimagined fan favourites, finally done properly instead of the original home studio / drum machine versions that we’ve had since 2003.

This time we didn’t want to rely on any gimmicks. It’s easy to get attention if you have members of a famous band on your album. We’ve worked with some friends in the past who were also really well known and it was great (and we’ll probably do so again in the future), but this time it felt right just to make this about us. And as much as we joke that Damo is only 12 years old and that I’m sure some of our haters think that I’m some kind of princess (I do look good in the frock, thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), we didn’t even have those kind of things there to get us any attention. Nothing against bands with hot female singers or 12 year old drummers, of course, but that wasn’t us. We wanted to do this on our own terms, even if it meant not taking the easy road that some artists are able to exploit.

And without any of that helping us, what did we get?

I think we’ve received some of the best reviews of anything we’ve ever released over the entire history of Dungeon and LORD. I can honestly say that the reception has taken all of us completely by surprise, especially since this was a bit of a departure in a way with the extra synth elements, and definitely not one of those generic “mighty battles” power metal albums that seem to rate well in places like Europe especially.

We make our albums for us first and foremost, and we hope that the people who buy our albums and follow the band really enjoy them too. We don’t make them for the media or reviewers, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t fill me with immense pride when journalists and review sites genuinely enjoy what we do and give it great scores. And when you have an album that’s there on its own terms, with nothing but the songs and the performance to sell it to the listener, to know that it still holds up and scores as good as anything else in the world is a fantastic feeling.

So thank you to all reviewers, fans, and people in general who have written nice things about the album and enjoyed it. It really means a lot to us! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜€