A Personal Thanks

February 11, 2013 by  

Hey all,

This is a bit of a different blog in that I’m not talking about any album updates, or addressing any questions or anything like I’ve done previously.

So I’m sitting here, not long out from the release of Digital Lies and looking at all of the pre-orders that came in on our recent sale, and nice comments from people who bought one of our bundles and got a download of five of the new songs. It genuinely warms my heart to see this stuff.

We’ve already been in touch with some of our friends in the media, and some have had a chance to listen to the album in full and give their thoughts (which have so far been very positive). That stuff is truly awesome and we do appreciate their honest opinions, but at the end of the day, no matter how much anyone in the media likes what we do, it pales in comparison to the real people who matter: You – the LORD fan.

It might sometimes seem like we take you guys for granted, and that we’re on an endless crusade to make you buy as much merch and as many albums as possible – and yes, we do go hard promoting our stuff so we can sell lots of it; it’s just good business sense – and I guess at the core of it, it’s really ourselves that should be the only people who matter when it comes to what we think of the music we make, and everyone else, and sales figures and all of that stuff really doesn’t matter.

But let me tell you, as musicians really doing it tough to keep touring and recording, to balance the time away and stress of the band with being a good person to our partners, pay the bills and hopefully not lose our day jobs (again), we know what it’s like to be struggling to find spare money when you get to the end of the long list of necessities you need to pay for.

The fact that you guys are in the same place as us, and yet you still buy our albums, shirts, come to our shows… seriously, wow. That blows me away.

We try our hardest to give you guys the best value for money we can, make the best music we know how to do, put on the best show we can, and we’re always looking for new ways to add value to what we offer (like with the pre-sales: you guys help us out by ordering early, so we’ll give you songs you can download straight away, or your choice in shirt sizes which you may not always have if we order a standard bulk batch, or add in posters and stickers and reduce the price, or whatever).

So yeah, while we do want to attract new people to like the band so we can expand our audience, and we hope we get a nice response from the media, we just want a say a big thank you to everyone who has been with us for the long haul that continually buy our stuff and come to our shows and spread the word about the band. You seriously are the reason we’re still able to do this stuff.

Thank you.

(The haters who will never like us can still go f*ck themselves, by the way).

And hey, before I go… have you seen our new lyric video for the title track from the album? Check it out! 🙂