For those who aren’t aware, I am a big podcast fan. In fact, so much so that 3 years ago I started my very own called The Andy Social Podcast.

Over that time I have sat down to interview not only fellow musicians in the metal and rock world but my curiosity has found me talking to people from all walks of life such as astrophysicists, palaeontologists, pilots, paramedics, TV and radio personalities, documentary film makers and many more. The episodes come out weekly (every Thursday night at 8pm Sydney time) and is one of the more popular podcasts run by a musician in Australia. You can check it out via the Andy Social Website or searching on your preferred podcast player.

My love of podcasting doesn’t stop there.

In late 2017 I launched my second podcast show called Self Starter. The show highlights small business owners, the self employed and freelancers who have taken the plunge to create their own lifestyle. This is something that I have found a real passion for and have been working hard to spread the ‘Self Starter’ mindset and attitude to as many people as possible. You don’t have to have your own business or be self employed to enjoy the podcast. In fact, anyone that is looking to think outside the box, be innovative and use their initiative will get a lot out of not only the episodes but the blog posts which I publish often via the main website. Within months of launching the podcast I became a Finalist for ‘Host of the Year’ for the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards for Self Starter. Not bad for a bass player in a heavy metal band right? 🙂

You can check the blogs and listen to the podcast via the Self Starter website or as with The Andy Social Podcast, search for it in your preferred podcast player.

Being in LORD since late 2005 has meant that I have met some amazing people in my travels and opened up my world considerably. I’m always referencing experiences with the band in the episodes on both of my podcasts so people that have been following the band for years should find an extra element of enjoyment from my podcasting journey.

If you ever have any questions about either podcast or better still have a recommendation of someone who should be on either show, please reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.