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LORD: What Tomorrow Brings


Australian melodic metallers LORD unveil their new EP "What Tomorrow Brings" featuring a title track which clocks in at over 25 minutes in length.

Stated LORD mainman L.T.: "This is something we're really proud of, and something really different for LORD, although you can most definitely hear elements from all of the styles we like to dabble in all throughout the song. The difference is more so the presentation of those styles; in this case it's a twenty five minute plus long concept piece that retraces the life of a man who has lost everything that had meaning to him, and now has a terrible choice to make that could mean the difference between life or death. What led him to this point and what does he ultimately choose? It was really cool to be able to do something so expansive with actors and orchestration that went through a great number or styles to tell the story. It's most definitely a niche release that we couldn't ordinarily do on a regular album, but we hope people find it as special as we do."

Continued L.T.: "Like all LORD releases, we thought about what we could do to add value to the package, even though the title track is already longer than most EP releases usually are. We decided to add two songs that we never released publicly from the last album recording sessions, plus a bunch of cover songs that people were asking to be included on a CD one day. This bonus stuff actually cost us money to do because of licensing fees, but it was most definitely worth it if we could give more back to the people who part with their hard earned money to support us."

"What Tomorrow Brings" Track listing:

1. What Tomorrow Brings
2. Haunted
3. Message In A Bottle (The Police cover)
4. The Sun Always Shines On TV (A-Ha cover)
5. Playing To Win (LRB cover)
6. Someone's Crying (Helloween cover)

This EP features "Graphic Novel" style cover art by Zachary Smith-Cameron, guest drumming from GERM mastermind Tim Yatras, and the first 500 copies released are in a DVD style package to accentuate the "cinematic" style of the title track.

What all that means in non-press speak

Hey guys, LT here!

OK yeah, gotta love a press release hey? It's all really exciting stuff for us and a bit of a risk doing something so outside of the box, both musically and length wise.

EPs are traditionally a bit tricky - they cost just as much as an album to manufacture but have fewer songs, so the money we get back is a lot less, and made even worse by the fact that we included a lot of covers on there which we have to pay licensing fees for. But I think this one is pretty good value for money and worth the risk.

The thinking behind this started ages ago. I love concept albums - Operation: Mindcrime, Abigail, Seventh Son... so many of my favourite albums. What a lot of people may not know is I have a full sci-fi concept album mapped out and ready to go and it was what I wanted to do instead of Digital Lies but was outvoted. If anyone had any illusion that LORD isn't a democracy, that should put that idea to rest. The guys were right, though - where we were at that point in time, which was exahusted from coming off another album / tour / album / tour cycle, we wouldn't have done it justice, plus the more I thought about it, the more it felt like this may not be right for LORD at all anyway, so I shelved the idea for a Clarity project one day.

The idea of doing a concept thing stuck with me though, right through Digital Lies and through the recording of The Dungeon Era box set. It was while we were working on that, that I started writing the song which would become What Tomorrow Brings in my head, and had most of it mapped out by the time we'd finished. I was chatting to Tim Yatras one day after a drum session and asked him if he'd be interested in working on it with me, since we'd written a LOT of material together over the years (actually far more since he left the band in 2009 than when he was in it), and because I knew some of the ideas I wanted to explore crossed over into the style that we'd worked on together and even into his own projects (Germ, Grey Waters, etc.), he was the obvious choice to bounce ideas off of. Being a fan of those albums I mentioned earlier, and stuff like The Art Of Life by X-Japan, he was keen to work on a long concept song as well.

The writing came together surprisingly fast for such a long and complex song. I really wanted to come up with a recurring theme for the main character and that itself came from one of the most bizarre places: my (then) ten month old daughter. We'd just bought her a kid's xylophone which she would randomly bang and have the time of her life playing. One day, she started playing this Dorian mode melody - purely by accident, of course - and it just made me sit up and go "wow, yes - that's it!" and better yet, the idea of using a xylophone later in the song to represent ther main character's child being "of the same blood" by playing his theme was perfect.

The real icing on the cake for it all was getting in the voice actors to flesh the story out. We did all of it entirely over Skype and Google Hangouts and I dropped their parts into the mix. Technology these days has really made the world a much smaller place, so working with people from anywhere on the planet is now absolutely a reality.

It was really cool to go through all of the styles that makes us who we are in the one song to tell the story properly, and introducing the new non-typical LORD elements was really cool in this context. Whether or not we continue using this stuff is anyone's guess, and as always this doesn't mark any change of style for the band or anything, but just reinforeces our ethos of "writing for the song." If we need to do a thrash song, we do a thrash song, If it needs growled vocals, we do growled vocals, if it needs to have loops and samples, we break out the keyboards. Rather than watering down a concept to make it fit into what our sound is "supposed to be," the song is king and dictates how we should approach it. Somehow, despite all that, it still ends up sounding like us.

I'll eventually do a blog on here about the song and the concept itself, but I don't want to ruin the story for anyone just yet.

So what else do we have on this EP?

Well, a year or so ago, we decided to say thanks to people who had bought items from our store by giving them two unreleased songs, Haunted and a cover of The Police's Message In A Bottle. Both songs turned out great so we decided to now include them on the disc to finally give them a proper commercial release.

We often record test songs or demo songs just for kicks in the studio. Sometimes it's to try out new recording techniques or gear or whatever, and usually those tests result in full songs which we like to share on our Soundcloud page. People were constantly asking us to commercially release some of those, so we decided to do just that. Because they were test recordings, it took a bit of work remxing and remastering them to get them up to the same quality level as the title track, but I think they sit fairly closely to it now. As I mentioned earlier, this actually cost us a fair whack of money to do because of licensing fees, but it was too good to pass up, and we knew you guys would appreciate the extra value we're adding to the package.

Finally the artwork was something really deliberate. We wanted to either have an 80s style movie poster thing to suit the DVD case we were doing for the first 500 copies, or something like a graphic novel. Zachary Smith-Cameron did a killer job and ridiculously fast turnaround too, pretty much nailing the concept brief we gave him. It's nice to do something a little different that will stand out in a sea of CGI covers, no matter how great those covers may be.

Anyway, that's probably enough typing from me tonight. We sincerely hope you guys enjoy the EP. Just the reactions we've gotten back from the people we've given sneak previews to have completely floored us, so if everyone likes this stuff half as much as they have, then we'll be blown away.

Check out the pre-order deals we have which include shirts and patches and be sure to let us know what you think!

Cheers! :)


Right here! And thank you for your support, you are the reason we keep doing this and the reason we're able to keep doing this!