Q. Who the hell are you guys? What is this LORD band?
A. Don’t be be lazy, go check out our BIO page.

Q. Who is this Dungeon band that keeps being mentioned?
A. In a sense, Dungeon is an older incarnation of LORD with a different name. For a complete Dungeon bio, check out our BIO page.

Q. When are you coming to my city/country next?
A. Good question! Check out our TOUR page to see if anything is listed. If you see any dates anywhere that aren’t on that page, take them with a grain of salt because any official confirmed dates will be listed on this site first.

Q. Where can I get your albums?
A. For actual CD releases, the best place to find our stuff is in our ONLINE STORE. You can also find our albums in many retail outlets across Australia and Japan. Some releases were only available in our store and not in retail or online outlets. It’s also possible some releases had a limited pressing and are now out of stock even in our store. If you can’t find a physical CD release of the album or EP you’re looking for, check on its DISCOGRAPHY page for links to legal download versions (through iTunes, CD Baby, etc.)

Q. Can my band support you?
A. Maybe! Usually our tour supports are chosen well in advance and sometimes the bill is put on by a different promoter than ourselves so we have little or no say in who is on the lineup. Send a message to our bookings department and we’ll see if your band is appropriate for the show and if there’s a spot free, and we’ll take it from there. No promises, of course!

Q. I run a webzine/magazine/radio show/etc. and I would like a promo copy of your albums. Could you send them to me?
A. Possibly. Have a look at our CONTACT page to find out the correct place to ask for promos, and make sure you tell them exactly who you are and provide proof of what you do (it’s unfortunate, but sometimes people lie to get free albums).

Q. I run a label and I would like to trade stock with you. Do you to that?
A. No, sorry. We have to pay for our own pressings or buy stock from other labels such as Modern Invasion. Our business relies on income from the sale of these items to go back into tour support or promotion, so giving albums away as a trade isn’t possible.

Q. How much does it cost to have LORD play at my event?
A. Please contact our management to negotiate the price. Once that is settled, management will pass you onto our bookings department.

Q. Why is LT called “Lord Tim” and what is that “Lord Tim” stuff about anyway?
A. “Lord Tim” is a joke name that LT adopted when he was working as a DJ in a roller disco in Broken Hill, years before Dungeon even started. When he moved to Sydney, he had business cards printed up for his guitar lessons business with the name “Lord Tim”, continuing the joke. After doing session work for a techno project called Edrenalin, his playing was heard by the head of BMG Music Publishing who was so impressed that LT was signed up as a writer under the moniker of “Lord Tim” and used it professionally ever since. This name is usually shortened to just “LT” these days, usually so that people who don’t understand it’s all tongue-in-cheek don’t get the wrong idea and think it’s somehow religious, egotistical or generally kind of dumb (which it is, but that’s the whole point of the joke).

Q. Is LORD a Christian band?
A. No. Each member of the band have their own personal beliefs (as we all do), but that is their own business and has nothing to do with LORD itself. LORD has no religious or political leanings one way or another and any sense of a lyric or song title that would suggest otherwise is purely a coincidence.

Q. Isn’t LORD just LT’s solo project?
A. No. It did start off that way with A Personal Journey, which was recorded as a side project to Dungeon at the time, but since the dissolution of Dungeon in 2005, LORD became a bona fide band with every member contributing to the writing and direction of the band.

Q. Are there any plans to ever reform Dungeon?
A. No, that will never happen. In a sense, LORD is Dungeon, but just under a different name. We still play the Dungeon classics in our set to this day, and unlike how Dungeon ended up, LORD is still hungry and excited to be performing that material. More information about this can be found in the following blog: What’s in a name?.

Q. Is there any LORD or Dungeon tablatures available?
A. No official tablatures currently exist, however some members of the band may from time to time add blogs with tabs in them or help fans out with their tabs on our forum. If you would like to tab out a LORD song, you are more than welcome to do so and if it’s accurate enough, we’ll feature it on the site – credited to you, of course!

Q. Will you sign my CD? Can I come over and say hello to you at a gig? Will you be available for a meet and greet before or after shows?
A. Of course, in fact we’re more often than not wandering around in the audience at shows just hanging out with everyone and having a couple of drinks. At the end of the day, we’re just you guys, but we just happen to be the ones standing on the stage making noise for a while during the course of the evening. Don’t believe any rumours or the mock ego during our on-stage guitar duels, we’re pretty down to earth guys who will be happy to have a chat if we have a chance!

Q. My favourite LORD or Dungeon song is “XXXXX” – why won’t you ever play it?
A. Some songs are just impossible to play live for one reason or another. Sometimes we feel that the song wouldn’t work so well in a live setting for the general audience, and in other cases, we’re just damn bored with the song! It happens! Give us time, we’ll get over it and probably add it back into the set somewhere down the track a bit.

Q. I found an error on the site or something is broken. Who should I tell?
A. Drop our webmaster a line HERE.

Q. I’ve sent people on your Contact page e-mails and there has been no reply. What gives?
A. For mail coming into LORD’s organisation itself, sometimes there’s a bit of a backlog of mail that can take a while to get to – we get a lot of mail every day, especially when the band is on tour, and it’s hard to check regularly. If you don’t get any reply within a few weeks, please feel free to send another mail to see if we received your first one. No big attachments, please – the last thing we need after coming back from tour is a mailbox full of 100 gigabytes of files! For mail going to our associated labels outside of the LORD organisation, that’s out of our hands, I’m afraid. Try them again after a few weeks, and if that fails, let us know and we’ll try to chase them up for you.

Q. My question isn’t answered here. Who do I contact to get an answer?
A. Have a look at out CONTACT page for the correct place to send your message and someone will be happy to get back to you with an answer.